What its all about, Alfie?

Ever wander into a video store or scroll through Netflix and feel like you're wandering through a mine field, afraid that the flick you pick will be a huge, soul-destroying bomb? Ever reach for your DVD remote with trembling fingers and you're scared to press play because you might end up flushing two hours of your life right down the crapper?

It's time for someone to stand up and say "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

Oh. That's been done?


At least here, at Forgotten Flicks, you'll get some help. As a life-long movie lover, I've watched so much crap I can taste it like yesterday's dinner at the back of my throat. And there's corn in it. Nasty.

But every so often I run across a little-seen gem, a shining beacon of cinematic joy hidden among Hollywood's glistening movie turds. Spectacular films that slipped through the cracks, buried by celluloid excrement like Norbit or Daddy Day Care or The Last Airbender.

Too many bowel-related metaphors? Again, sorry.

Forgotten Flicks will remind you that not all is lost. For every Catwoman there's a Dark City. When you visit, you'll be assured of coming away with a solid movie for you to watch. And even better, it's one that your friends will likely have never seen. So you can show off and look like a frickin' genius. 

With Forgotten Flicks, great movie finds plus bragging rights makes for a wonderful life.

No, George, I'm no longer using bowel movement metaphors.