Tuesday, 29 March 2011

This week's DVD releases, aka "The Towering Crapferno"

Yes, it's Tuesday once again, which means that Hollywood is opening it's tickle trunk and pulling out lots of shiny goodies for us girls and boys! Wheeee!

Or, more realistically, they're using toilet plungers to shove a bunch of over-hyped mass-marketed DVDs down our gullets and they're hoping we swallow a few.

DVD rentals are a crapshoot. Trailers and DVD covers - complete with dubious printed quotes like "Most awesome film since Citizen Kane!" from Bob Shill at the Clusterfart Journal in Albequerque, New Mexico - can make a stinker look like a winner. So how do you pick?

Don't worry. I got your back.

Here are this week's DVD and Blu-ray releases along with my picks of the best of the bunch. First, the major releases (and a pithy one-line review):
  • Black Swan: Come for the ballet pirouettes, stay for the Natalie Portman/Mila Kunis lesbian sex scene!
  • Tangled: Cartoon hair, maiden's fair, hearts laid bare, don't really care.
  • Fair Game: Bush-era political drama with Sean Penn not just chewing up the scenery but actually trying to digest the Washington Monument.
  • Made in Dagenham: The fight for equal rights for working women in 1960's Britain is less Austin Powers and more, uh, some other groovy movie.
Your best pick this week: Black Swan. It's a creepy, did-that-actually-happen movie that'll totally mess with your head, brought to you by the seriously disturbed director of such cheery happy-go-lucky films as The Wrestler, The Fountain, and the film where a guy injects drugs with a dirty needle so often his arm becomes infected and needs to be (very graphically) amputated, Requiem for a Dream. His movies are unique and always worth a watch, and Black Swan is no exception.

And as mentioned, it delivers a healthy serving of this:
Nothing wrong with that, either.


  1. I'm getting Black Swan just for that!


  2. Nope, definitely nothing wrong with that haha

  3. black swan is easily one of the best of 2010! don't need just the lesbian sex :p Aronofsky is genius

  4. Absolutely nothing wrong with a healthy serving of that!

  5. Every movie should receive a healthy dose of THAT.